About Richie

From the moment you met him,you knew that Richie Becher was someone you were going to like. His humor, kindness and appreciation of life were evident from the start, and as you came to know him his direct and honest nature invariably won you over.As a business owner he worked hard, and he played just as hard. Richie had an adventurous spirit, and believed in experiencing everything that life offers – from competing in team sports to trying his hand at skydiving. And at center of it all was his devotion to wife Susan and their children, Hannah and Nick.

Born in Pittsburgh, the youngest of five boys, his family moved to Long Island when Richie was very young. It was here that he developed his love for sports, along with his fierce loyalty for both the Yankees and the Jets. As an athlete, baseball was his particular passion. An accomplished shortstop, he played on travel teams well into his late 20s, and continued on with softball long after that. And when his son Nicky turned five, Richie became a coach.

Even a long and successful battle against esophageal cancer eight years earlier failed to dim his spirit or enthusiasm for life. In fact, it had quite the opposite effect. He and Susan would often talk about the importance of living each day as though it might be your last. When that day did come for Richie, he was on a baseball diamond coaching Nicky’s team… doing the thing he enjoyed most and living life to the fullest.

Anyone who had the privilege of knowing him will tell you that Richie would have been the first in line to support the Foundation that now honors his name. It stands as a living testament to Richie’s commitment to the physical and emotional development young people achieve through organized athletic competition. Through the Foundation, his spirit will remain alive to help protect the safety of these young athletes and the adults who make youth sports a vibrant and important part of our way of life.

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